Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Anne Hudgens is an American actress and singer, who is best known for her role in the High School Musical movie series.

She quickly grabbed everyone’s attention with not only her talent but her beauty as well, being considered one of the most beautiful women in the industry at just the age of 18. Now in her early 30’s the actress and singer still manages to look flawless wherever she goes,

leaving many people wanting to know just how she does it.

The Skin Care & Make-Up Routine of Vanessa Hudgens

If you’re interested in finding out just how Hudgens manages to look beautiful 24/7, then keep on reading

“As I’ve gotten older I’ve realised that my face is the only one I got so I have to be good to it”

– Vanessa Hudgens

The Skin Care Routine of Vanessa Hudgens

In 2019 many interviews were held where Vanessa Hudgens had the chance to talk about both her make-up and skin care routine, which many of her fans were thankful for since these two routines have remained a secret for many years.

During an interview for Yahoo Life on ‘how to get clear skin’, Vanessa admitted that she only really started to take better care of her body when she was 18 after realising that her metabolism was not what it once used to be. She explained that during that time she was on tour for the movie High School Musical and took a month off, however, when she returned she realised that she could no longer fit into her outfits. Describing the experience as a wake-up call. She also confessed that since she turned 30 her skin care routine has grown significantly especially for the night time, due to the skin beginning to lose its elasticity caused by the loss of elastin and collagen that naturally happens when a person enters their early 30’s.

Morning Skin Care Routine of Vanessa Hudgens:

  • Wash face; Vanessa loves a morning shower and so while she’s there she will make sure to wash her face as well.

Vanessa just simply washes her face in the morning and then proceeds to go to work after getting her make-up done, she focuses more on a night-time skin routine to give herself more time to enjoy her morning before heading out to work.

Night Skin Care Routine of Vanessa Hudgens:

  • Wash skin twice; Vanessa does this with a wipe to ensure that all of the make-up is gone so she can go to sleep with a happy and clean face.
  • Steam; this helps to open up pores and loosen any build-up to help with a deeper cleanse.
  • Apply serums; Vanessa uses around 6 serums on her face.
  • High frequency machine; this is used to treat various contours of the face.
  • Moisturise; this helps to prevent breakouts.
  • Eye cream; to strengthen the fragile skin around the eye preventing dryness and wrinkles.

Vanessa explained that a good skin care routine is very important to her and she is grateful to have the opportunity to purchase and use many great products that will help her look her best, she describes her routine as a form of self-love and meditation. Unfortunately, she hasn’t shared which brand she purchases her products from so if you’re thinking of using her skin care routine try to find products that are right for your skin and your budget.

Vanessa Hudgens’ Beauty Tips:

  • Drink lots of water; naming it the best beauty advice she has ever received, Vanessa discussed that drinking lots of water is very important to her as it helps the body to flush out any toxins.
  • Working out; working out can be hard, Vanessa shared that her secret is to book a class the night before, therefore having no time to dread working out the next morning.
  • No stress; stressing out can be extremely harsh on the skin, Vanessa says being rushed stresses her out a lot so to prevent that she always makes sure that she has enough time allotted for herself.
  • Eat healthy; Vanessa will eat numerous vegetables throughout the day to help fuel her body.
  • Get enough sleep; Vanessa mentioned in an interview that she likes to wake up on her own time which allows her body to get the sleep that it needs, but if she can’t do that then she will try to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Remove make-up before bed; something everyone who wears make-up should never do is sleep with make-up, it’s important to remove make-up products from the face to allow the skin to rest.

The Make-Up Routine of Vanessa Hudgens

In an interview with the People Magazine’s The beautiful Issue that was held in 2019, Vanessa Hudgens was invited to come back 10 years later to do a photo-shoot without wearing any make-up. When Vanessa was 19 she told the magazine that she had finally started to feel comfortable with no make-up on her skin, however, the soon to be 30 year old quickly called her younger self a liar, because the truth is she only started to feel comfortable with no wearing make-up approximately a year ago.

She shared that she prefers to not wear make up, after describing the amount of make-up she has to wear for work a ‘disgusting amount’. Therefore in the morning Vanessa will: perform gratitude, work-out, get some coffee, take a shower and then finally start her make-up routine which may vary depending on the day.

Make-Up Routine of Vanessa Hudgens:

  • Brush eyebrows; Vanessa explained that the very first step in her make-up routine is to brush her eyebrows as she believes that it’s very important as it prevents any ‘crazy, unruly brows’ and for this step she likes to use a brush from Ecotools.
  • Apply false lashes; using false lashes and adding a couple on the ends will instantly make you look like you’ve had a lot more hours of sleep, according to Vanessa Hudgens.

That’s all for Vanessa Hudgens’ make-up routine. Vanessa definitely tends to rely more on a good skin-care routine and doesn’t really apply make-up since in most days she will get her make-up done for her, at work and not applying make-up when she has a day off will allow her skin to take a break and be able to breathe. However, during the lock-down due to COVID-19 Vanessa has been trying out multiple make-up looks on herself as a way to love on herself and feel cute while she’s at home not doing anything, which she explained during an Instagram live while she was doing her make-up.


If you were looking for some inspiration to better your skin care and/or make-up routine or just needed some motivation to start one, then I hope that this article helped you out. In these times, it’s easy for women to compare themselves to each other, but remember that whether or not you look like the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens, you are just as beautiful. Make sure to take care of yourself, both in and out.