7 Exciting Ways to Style a Crop Top and Look Phenomenal


There are several outfit styles and combinations of promising pieces of outfit that help you stand out and create something different. In these combinations that teens either create on social media videos or professional stylists on fashion show runways, you may not find a crop top or bra top very much. Crop tops may seem like a thing of the past. They are still in fashion and can help you spice up your look and add a bit of edge to it. However, the styles and combinations you can create with them may not come easy, and you may have to experiment a bit to get what you desire. But before reaching out for the top from your closet and trying it on, ensure to read the following tips to get some perspective going:

Tie it Up

If you’re just starting out with a crop top and don’t want to show too much skin, you can get a linkable shirt. You can do this with a standard button-down shirt as well and tie up the ends to create a cute and conservative crop top look. Tying a knot helps you adjust to your length of the shirt you require for showing skin or hiding. And the trend never really fades as it is chic. 


Get Comfy

Wearing clothes that help you show a little skin doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Even if you find that the shirt can get a little higher than you need it to be, make sure that the fabric is comfortable for you to wear and carry. Don’t be afraid of any eyebrows lifted in your direction or judgmental looks; you can even walk out with pajama tops and layer it up with a blazer, put on a short and a backpack or crossover bag. Do you when it comes to putting on outfit combinations.


Bring in Some Symmetry

Don’t tell me you’re from the type of people who don’t try vastly different things and take risks with fashion. Because not taking risks may not help you find your style or yourself. For this reason, attempt different crop top shapes than a round top style. You can go for a triangle, turtle neck, off-shoulder, knotted, ruching, and several other designs offered by different brands. 


Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves are again in action and for all the right reasons. They look elegant and provide significant uplifting to a monotonous or simple top. They are great to work with full-length jeans or skirts on events or occasions that call for it. You can rock it at a beach party or put on a fancy dinner to work its magic. The puff can also work well with off-shoulder sleeves, and the whole shirt can also be bloated to add to the look.


Try a Different Color 

Live a life full of colors and express yourself through them. Colors do talk and, many times can help you give away the message on their own. Therefore, add different tones to your collection of crops; you never know when the need arises. Get something bright and glittery from a booty shorts for your favorite get-together with your gals. You can try orange, which is a powerful yet underrated color, bright green, yellow or red for the times you want to be loud yet kind. There’s an array of soothing tones as well, including completely white top and bottom, pastels hues, nudes, and infinite more. 


Place on Jewelry

No outfit is complete or showy enough without the addition of an accessory. On regular days you can keep it simple and wear a dainty bracelet to highlight your beautiful wrist and some cool rings. A choker would also look great with a dark-colored crop top. 

On other days when you have to shine, make sure to use jewelry as your weapon to bring out the bra top. If it’s a formal event, you can adjust your guise by wearing elegant necklaces and other accessories to make it look classy. Earrings are essential with any crop top to add to the skimpy outfit, and hoops can be a great option. 


Sporty Element

Are you a girl made for sports? Then you should make your sports bra your holy grail. When paired with the right bottom and blazer or shirt for layering, it can be the picture-perfect look for you. Sports bras come in various different fabrics and sizes. Ensure to get a piece of cloth you’ll feel comfortable in and the size of it as well. You can then pair it with shorts, a short skirt, knickers, leggings, or anything else you like. 


Put it on For Work

Work outfits can get boring with time, and you have no option other than to go back to your regular blazer, pants, and dress shirt. But who says you can’t step out and give an elegant crop top a try under a matching blazer. The finished look will be satisfying and up to work clothes’ standards. Get a dark color that goes with a lighter blazer on the top so it can let it show dramatically.