Surely the name Vanessa Hudgens is familiar to you, about whether you are in your 20s or 30s and have
been a big fan of the High School Musical saga. However, this young actress who is about to turn 30 and has
more than 15 years of musical, film and design career, right now is not a trend for any of its films or
products, but for its formidable physical appearance that does not stop raising passions and envy in equal

The young star confesses that for a couple of years she has not stopped looking for the improvement of her
physical and mental well-being, something for which she has had to change drastically all her eating habits
and her way of exercising, carrying out a strict diet very rich in vegetables and some really demanding
training routines. For her it is now a reality and she explains it as something that is already part of her and
that she does without effort, but the truth is that she has had to work very hard in order to have that healthy
look that everyone talks about.

Next, for all those who still wonder how the actress managed to achieve such a change in her physical
appearance so quickly and what are her tricks to stay in shape day after day without having to die trying, we
are going to explain some of the keys to her success.


Do you want to look as good as Vanessa Hudgens?
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Vanessa is a self-confessed fitness lover

There are those who still erroneously believe that the physical change of the actress is due to a strict and
unhealthy diet or some kind of aesthetic intervention of billions, when the truth is that all the changes she
has been making in her life and in her body have been the result of daily effort and a long process of selfacceptance in which she has had to leave aside many complexes and toxic ideas in order to find herself better.
Of course, Vanessa doesn’t keep out of the air and the physical form she boasts of is not achieved by lying
on the couch, but by exercising every day, a lot of exercise. She explains that she trains at least six times a
week, but she never repeats the same exercise every day. She combines all kinds of modalities so that her
body is always active and she does not know what to expect: “There is always something new to do and
something to improve, if we let it wait the only thing we will be doing is letting go of a new opportunity to
improve our lives. And I have decided not to wait any longer and to be the master of my own luck”
During the whole week he practices all kinds of sports: ballet, cycling, HIIT circuits, pilates, athletics, yoga,
trekking, etc. She explains that all her friends are afraid that she will invite them to train with her, since
Vanessa’s favorite time to exercise is at dawn. So sleeping late and getting up for lunch is not a valid plan if
you are a friend of this woman: she is active from early in the day until the end. She is pure energy!
Of course, the image of well-being she projects is a clear example that if you really propose to change and
improve, you will succeed in the end. Vanessa doesn’t explain this change as a way to look prettier or as a
tool for self-promotion and to attract more magazines, but as a way to be healthier both inside and outside:
“If I win in health, I win in life and that’s the most important thing”.

Healthy eating combined with intermittent fasting

Vanessa Hudgens fasting? Yes as you hear it, an American girl is practicing fasting on a totally voluntary
basis and it’s doing her a world of good. The actress explains that the key to staying healthy and fit is to
combine a ketogenic diet, which focuses on eating high-protein foods, eating plant-based foods with a high
amount of natural probiotics and fasting intermittently.
She explains that she only eats for six hours a day, consuming in that interval of hours all the nutrients and
essential vitamins that our body needs to endure in a healthy way until she breaks that fast again. If we open
her refrigerator we will not find any trace of trans fats, alcohol or sweetened drinks, but just the opposite:
peanut butter, oat milk, coconut milk and almond milk, avocados everywhere, eggs, cashews, nuts, bananas,
cashews, antioxidant shakes, rocket, and many other totally natural vegetable foods full of protein and

Vanessa explains that by fasting she helps her body to better digest nutrients and to better dose the energy
she needs for the whole day, since she always tries to reserve the most energetic and active part of the day
during the first hours of the morning and during the rest of the day she rests and takes care of herself in a
much calmer way. There are those who, upon hearing the word fasting, start to tremble and relate it to an
unhealthy practice of eating, but the truth is that there are already several nutrition experts who advise it and
who admit that short fasts are beneficial for our whole body.

Taking care of the mind is also taking care of the body

Apart from all the exercise and diet she does, there is another very important thing that the singer has
introduced into her life and which she acknowledges has helped her stabilize emotionally: yoga. It is well
known that yoga is a discipline that seeks to perfect our ability to connect with ourselves, to isolate ourselves
from the noise of the world and the problems around us and to achieve communion with our mind and heart.
Something that, according to her, has helped her to find herself again, especially after playing some very
intense fictional roles that left her totally disoriented and prevented her from leading her life normally again.
Vanessa talks about yoga as her salvation, as a method that helps her to be better with herself and therefore
with those around her. Because no matter how beautiful our legs or face are, if our mind is sick, we cannot
reach fulfillment or happiness in any way.