Living Nashville vs Austin – In-depth Analysis 


Nashville, the music city of Tennessee is one of the charming cities in the USA where people enjoy their life in a modern vibe. This area is a fast-growing region and economically stable with a lower unemployment rate. 

On the other hand, Austin, one of the popular cities of Texas is famous for both visit and living as well. Many people transplant themselves to this city permanently for its long history and diverse ethnicity. 

Nashville or Austin – Which is better to live?


This totally depends on you! Let’s go through the comparison below which will be easier for you to make your decision smoothly. 

Apartment and House Rent 

The average rent for Nashville apartments is cheaper than Austin and close to the country’s average rent. Here is a breakdown: 

  • Average Rate: Austin, TX – $1,785 and Nashville, TN – $1,561
  • 1-Bed Apartment or Home: Austin, TX – $1,186 and Nashville, TN – $975
  • 2-Bed Home or Apartment: In Austin – $1,437 and in Nashville – $1,181
  • 3-Bed Apartment or Home: Austin – $1,897 And Nashville – $1,557

In the case of vacant housing, vacant for rent in Austin is 3.4% while 2.3% in Nashville. A different scenario in vacant rented: 1% in Austin but 1.3% in Nashville 

Cost of Living

This is closer! Both cities are excellent for living having almost the same living cost. Let look deeper. 

As we see in the last section the cost of rent in Austin is 9.53% higher than in Nashville however, restaurant and groceries’ overall price is lower in Austin. 

But still, we noticed some exceptions. McMeal at McDonald’s is $8 in Nashville but $7.6 in Austin but in an in-expensive restaurant, the average meal cost is lower in Nashville which is $14 here but $15 in Austin. 

Though people in Nashville always love to chill and fun and they have lots of lively bars, musical venue and coffee shops across the city, however, beer cost is higher in Nashville than the Austin. Domestic beer price is 5.25 $ in Nashville but 4.00 $ in Austin. We also found a significantly lower price of Milk, rice, cheese, onion, tomatoes, apples, bananas in Austin than in Nashville. Surely this is a great advantage of living in Austin, TX. However, Eggs and Cigarette price is lower in Nashville. 

Transportation Cost

Local transportation cost in Austin is affordable than Nashville while Taxi fare is cheaper in Nashville. Here’s the comparison: 

  • Local Transport ( One Way Ticket ): 2.00 $ in Nashville and 1.25 $ in Austin
  • Regular Price ( Monthly Pass ): 65.00 $ in Nashville and 41.25 $ in Nashville
  • Taxi 1 Hour Waiting: Nashville – 18.00 $ and in Austin – 29.49 $

Final Note

Comparing to the rent price and housing price, Nashville, the “Songwriters Capital in the World” is superbly affordable than Austin, the city of lone star state Texas. But considering the groceries, restaurants and market price the average cost and price of regular items are significantly lower in Austin. 

Now, it’s your decision. So, if you are seriously thinking to move to another city and Austin or Nashville are on your top list, take the decision now and let us know as well through the comment section.